Guess the secret words using the art collages before the other team in VENN. | Source: The Op

What do art and party games have in common? The newest game from The Op!

VENN is a game that transforms the familiar Venn diagram, which illustrates similarities and differences between concepts using overlapping circles, into a party game. Players ages 10 and up can work together with two or more players) or compete in teams of four or more players to guess words based on the images placed within the overlapping Venn diagram circles. 

VENN | Source: The Op

The game comes with six colorful circles (two yellow, two cyan, and two magenta), 100 double-sided art cards, 100 number cards, 50 double-sided word cards, a scoreboard, two team-scoring markers, two number holders, and a rulebook.

Source: The Op

To begin the game, players are divided into two teams. One member from each team becomes the clue-giver, who randomly selects three words (using the word cards) that their team has to guess correctly. Then, the clue-giver assigns each circle in the Venn diagram to one of the words. The goal of the game is for the clue-giver to place the unique art collages into the spaces within the Venn diagram, giving the rest of the team hints as to what the three words are. For example, if the word is “dangerous,” the clue-giver can place a card showing a pair of scissors with legs in the circle that represents that particular word. The first team (or player, if playing cooperatively) to decipher all three words from the art cards wins the game.

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You can add the colorful competition of VENN to your family game night lineup for $24.99 from Target, Barnes & Noble, and The Op. Also, check out the video below for more detailed instructions on how to play.

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