We love Thomas the Tank Engine, and if anybody deserves a super train station, it’s him. That’s the idea Mattel had behind Thomas and Friends Super Station. This set is perfect for any young train collectors or Thomas fans.

Think of an amusement park exclusively built for energetic engines. Kids will find Thomas the Tank Engine, MINIS James, airplane Harold, and more included in this set. These pals will be able to race down steep tracks, get picked up by a cargo crane, launched from a TrackMaster, and more. This colorful set is absolutely like no other, adding height and levels for an exhilarating experience. Also, this set incorporates iconic locations such as Sodor, Tidmouth Sheds, Brendam Docks, Knapford Station, Search & Rescue Center, and more! Multiple accessories to help kids recreate scenes from the show are included, too.

What makes this set unique is that the tracks can be constructed to fit multiple areas, or to change up the routes. Depending on the amount of space kids have available, they can construct fun loops when setting up the gray tracks (instructions walk kids through the different variations they can take when building). Building the towers isn’t even necessary if kids just want a flat track on the floor! And for some real action, kids can take advantage of the switch-track pieces, which will allow them continue down a different track during their ride. Trains can also take a steep route from the towers, which goes straight down (think of a flume ride at an amusement park). Make sure the track is built properly or else Thomas may fly off! And if kids are looking to rev Thomas and friends up, there’s a round TrackMaster that trains can be launched from, so kids can really see them take off. To get Thomas ready for this launch, he will need a battery. However, kids can steer him with or without the battery.

And of course, we can’t forget about Cranky. Turn the dial on Cranky to lift cargo up and down. There’s also an engine lift if Thomas needs a ride!

The Super Station can hold more than 100 engines. So if you worried about there being a collection of tiny Thomas’ on your floor, say no more. Engines can be hooked onto the green towers that hold the station up as it doubles as a storage space. While the set may look intimidating to build,  most of the construction is basic assembly and should only take 30 to 45 minutes to complete. We recommend having a wide open space to build and store this set—the Super Station is, well, super sized!

Ultimately, the set requires features little technology, and focuses more on imaginative play. Kids will really feel like they’re in the show with this track and will love the excitement of being able to drive Thomas and friends themselves. As this set is designed to hold more than 100 cars, kids can continue to add to their train collection and always know they’ll have a track for them. Choo choo WOO!

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Kelly Corbett

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