Fat Brain Toys’ Timber Tots Schoolhouse | Source: Fat Brain Toys/the Toy Insider

School may still be an at-home affair for most families right now, but there’s no pandemic in the forest where the Timber Tots live and that means that class is in session!

If the Timber Tots look familiar, there’s a good reason for that. The adorable woodland tikes first hit the scene as TreeTots in the 1970s and became a hit with kids like myself that had the original version of the Timber Tots Treehouse that Kenner — yes, the company that made the original Star Wars figures — produced. Now, Fat Brain Toy Co. is continuing the tradition by expanding the forest community with the addition of the new Timber Tots Schoolhouse.

Kids can start their Timber Tots adventure with three included figures: Collie the teacher and her students Lola and Hugo. This sturdy playset is packed with fun features that are perfect for sparking countless hours of imaginative play. Kids can wind the crank on the elevator to lift the Timber Tots to the classroom upstairs where Hugo and Lola can take their places at desks in front of Collie. For some “grownup” fun, the classroom rotates to reveal the teacher’s office — a perfect spot to grade the critter’s papers, or to just relax after answering countless questions throughout the day.

Class is in session at the Timber Tots Schoolhouse | Source: Fat Brain Toy Co.

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The set includes a tiny garage with a tricycle and offers a full 360-degree play environment that kids can spin around for even more fun. Physical education and free play are important — even in the forest — and the Timber Tots will love spinning on the merry-go-round followed by a quick trip down the slide. There’s even a spot where figures can activate a special light-up feature! Other accessories include backpacks, a table, and chairs.

Fat Brain Toy Co. really managed to nail the balance between modern and retro with this collection in a way that both kids and their grownups will dig. For even more fun, be on the lookout for additional add-ons, such as additional figure sets and the must-have Timber Tots Adventure Bus.

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