Tinkle Crinkle by Baby GUND is a modern collection of plush baby toys. Each cuddly character features contemporary prints on premium fabrics that promote soft, safe, and fun tactile play for babies and kids of all ages.

The Baby GUND line is designed to last. From the whimsical animals, the fresh fabric designs to the embroidered details, each plush friend will grow with baby for years to come.

The Baby GUND Tinkle Crinkle Line features lots of elements for sensory play. The crinkle noise that results from a baby’s touch teaches them cause and effect. It provides soft stimulation (rather than stimulation from music or lights).

The Tinkle Crinkle line includes eight unique plush toys. Each one more adorable than the next, there’s a crinkle caterpillar available in two sizes, a happy hedgehog, and a birdie lovey and activity toy. All of the plushies sport a soothing blue and yellow color scheme. The other items in the line are a Tinkle Crinkle Bunny lovey, Bunny plush ball, and a Bunny activity plush, each of which features soft peach and orange hues.

The Birdie and Bunny Activity toys have a flexible ring for hanging above a crib or on a stroller and include a textured flower teether ring attached to the bottom for tactile play and safe chewing. The caterpillar features a squeaker and a rattle, and each Tinkle Crinkle stuffed toy has ribbons and fun patterns for tactile touch and sight.

Each Tinkle Crinkle character is designed to be loved and played with for years to come. The plush are all machine washable or hand washable, so parents and caregivers can keep them clean for never-ending play. All in all, the Baby Gund Tinkle Crinkle line features a modern look for modern babies, but with the classic features that have made GUND a go-to brand in plush for more than 100 years.

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Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach

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