Tip of the Tongue game

Tip of the Tongue game

Just spit it out already!

Sorry, but that may be harder than it seems in University GamesTip of the Tongue, a trivia challenge unlike any other.

Setup is simple: Players shuffle the cards and place them in the timer holder, either red or blue side up. It doesn’t really matter which side you choose since the cards are of equal difficulties. Each player is given five tokens at the start of the game.

Players then take turns being the Reader. At the start of a round, that round’s Reader asks each player a trivia question (the Reader reads them in order, so there is no bias). As soon as the Reader finishes the question, they press the tongue button on the timer, which starts the two-second timer. If the player answers correctly, they get to hand in one of their tokens; and if they are wrong, they have to keep the tokens. The Reader then asks the next question until all players have been asked, then the round is over.

That’s right. Each player gets two seconds to answer the trivia question.

At first glance, the questions in this game seem relatively simple: What sport does Serena Williams play? (Tennis) What is considered perfect vision? (20/20) But with the game’s added challenge level of having to answer in a mere two seconds, well, players might find themselves struggling to spit out the right answer. You may know it! But can you think and answer in less than two seconds?

The first player to run out of tokens is the winner — and a speedy thinker! The game is designed for kids ages 12 and up, so it serves as a perfect game for a holiday gathering or a family game night with older teens. The setup is quick and easy, so you don’t have to worry about dragging a board along with yo. It’s great to pack up and take on trips, too.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced challenge that will bring out your competitive side while making you laugh out loud, start the timer on Tip of the Tongue.

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