FurRealRoarinTylerMyPlayfulTiger1Trips to the zoo are about to become totally unnecessary: This year, Hasbro is bringing an adorable baby tiger to a playroom near you.

Roarin’ Tyler, The Playful Tiger Pet is the latest addition to Hasbro’s line of Furreal Friends. Set for release in the fall, Tyler is a perfect match for kids who loved pets of the past, like last year’s Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon, and 2015’s Starlily, My Magical Unicorn.

More than just a plush toy that talks and makes sounds, Tyler is an adorable interactive baby tiger that responds to touch and sound with lifelike movements. This playful cub looks just like a real tiger and has a coat of ultra soft striped fur, a ferocious mouth full of teeth, and a pair of bright green eyes.

Tyler features more than 100 sound and motion combinations, so he will reply with a wide range of emotions when kids pet his head or back. Thanks to sensors on his forehead, back, and muzzle, the tiger can respond by moving his head and ears, opening and closing his expressive eyes, and wagging his little tiger tail. Tyler will also move from a standing position to a crouch, and back down again.

FurRealRoarinTylerMyPlayfulTiger2Because even baby tigers need their fair share of playtime, this jungle pet comes with a bright yellow squeaky toy, which he recognizes and responds to with spunk and energy. He will also chew on it if kids put it close enough to its mouth. And, when kids make a loud noise or give a loud roar, Tyler will show you who’s boss and roar right back.While Tyler has tons of features to keep kids busy for hours, he’s also a lovable cuddle friend. Kids can move his poseable back legs to pull him close and snuggle, or nuzzle his cheek, which will trigger a cute response.

No matter how advanced plush toys become, they will always enhance classic play patterns for kids, such as storytelling and role-play experiences. While a tiger isn’t exactly the first animal that comes to mind when you are considering a new pet, Tyler will be a welcome addition to the family. He’s is the perfect companion for boys and girls alike to explore the jungle, go on fierce adventures, and, of course, play—after all, it’s in his name!

Tyler will be on display Feb. 18-21 at the Toy Industry Association’s North American International Toy Fair. Check out more of our favorite toys from the show!

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