The Original Big Wheel 50th Anniversary Ride-On Toy For Kids and the Big Wheel 50th Anniversary 16 Inch Ride-On Toy in Pink | Source: Toynk/the Toy Insider

Big Wheels never go out of style!

Toynk released nine Big Wheel tricycles in two different sizes for a special Big Wheel 50th anniversary collection: the Original Big Wheel and Big Wheel Junior. The former has a 16-inch wheel for kids ages 3 and up, while the latter has a 9- to 11-inch wheel for babies ages 1 and up. These tricycles feature the iconic large front wheel, two extra-wide rear tires, two pedals, a handlebar, and low-rider seating. Adult assembly is easy and hassle-free so kids can race off lickety-split!

The Original Big Wheel 50th Anniversary Ride-On Toy for Kids features the classic primary color scheme of the Big Wheel tricycle. This special edition comes with weather-resistant sticker decals and a 16-inch front wheel for a true retro riding experience. Find this Big Wheel tricycle here for $79.99.

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The Big Wheel 50th Anniversary 16 Inch Ride-On Toy in Pink includes the same features of the original Big Wheel with a fashionable twist. Its pink-and-purple decor and star-studded front wheel are perfect for racing in style. Get this chic anniversary edition Big Wheels tricycle here for $105.99.

The Big Wheel 16 Inch Rally Racer with Spinout Hand Break may look like the original Big Wheel, but it takes riding to the next level with its spinout brake and adjustable saddlebag seat features. Kids can cut through any corner without dropping speed for a race-tastic tricycling experience. Find this Big Wheel racer here for $124.99.

Six Big Wheel Junior tricycles complete this 50th-anniversary collection. Every tricycle features its own thematic colors and styles to inspire imaginative play.

The Big Wheel Junior 50th Anniversary Ride-On Trike and the Big Wheel Junior 50th Anniversary Ride-On Trike in Pink | Source: Toynk/the Toy Insider

The Big Wheel Junior 50th Anniversary Ride-On Trike has similar features to the original Big Wheel Ride-On Toy, save for its 9-inch front wheel and smaller rear tires. Its high-visibility red, blue, and yellow colors make riding safe for tricycle tikes. This Big Wheel Junior Ride-On Trike also comes in pink, complete with princess decals and fun handlebar tassels for little divas. Both tricycles are priced at $59.99. The original ride-on trike is available here, while its pink edition can be found here.

The Big Wheel Junior Lil Princess Wish 11 Inch Ride-On Trike includes the same Fashion Girl theme of the 16-inch edition, complete with the princess decals of the junior ride-on trike. It also comes with tassels and colorful decals. Get this cute cycle set here for $79.99.

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The Big Wheels Junior U.S. Army, Fire and Rescue, and Police Ride-On Trikes bring out kids’ inner heroes during their cycling adventures. Each trike features a 9-inch front wheel and color schemes related to their respective themes. The Junior U.S. Army tricycle comes in a green, white, and gold color palette complete with a star-studded wheel and patriotic decals to help kids troop up and down their block. The Junior Fire and Rescue trike comes in a bold red-and-yellow scheme featuring fire-related decals. Finally, the Junior Police tricycle features sheriff star-studded wheels, a classic black-and-white theme, and police-themed decals. The Big Wheels Junior U.S. Army and Fire and Rescue Ride-On Trikes are priced at $59.99 each. The Big Wheels Junior Police Ride-On Trike is priced at $50.99.

The entire Big Wheel 50th Anniversary collection is available at Get racing!

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