Grade school was a very odd time in my life, spent doodling on my homework, being bad at long-division, and consuming way too many blueberry Pop-Tarts. If you’ve ever wanted to go back to the age of scantron tests and “the Cool S,” then you’ll want to give Big G Creative’s Trapper Keeper Game a try! 

Who said learning had to be a drag? Players use their strategy skills to “make the grade” by collecting pages of homework, quizzes, secret notes, and much more. With three card boxes to choose from, there’s a fun design to appeal to any player. Each game is fast-paced, turning each round into a competitive race against the clock.

The gameplay involves two kinds of cards: School Paper cards and Bell cards.The School Paper cards range from signature notes to detention slips, and each card is assigned a different number of points. The School Paper cards are dealt into a three-by-three grid, with nine cards in each stack. The top card of each stack is placed face up once all School Paper cards have been dealt. 

The Teacher’s Pet (red apple included) then deals the Bell card stack. Bell cards track the game rounds and shows a third option of stacks a player can choose from by following the pattern of red lockers on the backside of the card. Players take turns collecting cards by choosing a row, column, or Bell card pattern from the grid to place into their own snazzy folder. Once the last Bell card is revealed by the Teacher’s Pet and every player has taken one last turn, the scoring begins. The player with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

The card game contains 81 School Paper cards, 11 Bell cards, five retro folders, one Teacher’s Pet marker, one score pad, and one pencil. The wide collection of cards means that each game is unique, and a player will have to use their quick wits to win. 

Trapper Keeper Game is perfect for middle-school kids and teens who are looking for a card game to challenge their minds and test their strategy skills — and it even educates them! The instructions may require a little re-reading to really understand, but once you’ve got it down, the game is a thought-provoking, competitive experience that’s sure to please any card game fan. 

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Madison Ciccarelli

Madison Ciccarelli

Madison Ciccarelli is an editorial intern for Adventure Media and Events. Her muse is her cat Enzo. She loves to spoil him whenever she can. When she isn’t fawning over her cat, she can usually be found playing video games, listening to folk music, or watching classic horror movies.