True and the Rainbow Kingdom | Source: Guru Studio

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your preschooler, but they don’t need any more toys at the moment, a personalized Cameo message will do the trick.

Guru Studio is now bringing the magic of True and the Rainbow Kingdom to Cameo so that kids can receive customized video messages from True, the main character from the animated series. True is the first-ever 3D animated character to join Cameo, with the help of instant 3D animation technology from Aquifer.

True is the first-ever 3D animated character to join Cameo. | Source: Guru Studio

Parents can request special messages for birthdays, graduations, milestones, or any important moment featuring references from the show, like True telling kids to “take a deep breath” or “sit and have a think.” True will deliver uplifting, custom messages that reflect True and the Rainbow Kingdom’s themes of empowering kids to care for each other.

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True and the Rainbow Kingdom launched on Netflix in 2017 and now has a line of toys, books, and apparel at retail and on Amazon. Guru Studio produces the series and Pharrell Williams is the executive producer. The series is based on the artwork of FriendsWithYou.

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