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You don’t know that you need metallic fries in your life until you see metallic fries for the first time.

Except these aren’t made to eat.

Sam’s Slider & Fries is the latest set from TWEE’s sidewalk chalk assortment — and it almost looks too good to play with. It comes with a tall cheeseburger slider — filled with some metallic cheese, of course — and four rainbow-colored fries. TWEE’s product mix also includes other food, such as doughnuts, macarons, and sushi; mystical objects like unicorn horns; and other items such as gemstones, planets and stars, and letters and numbers. Best of all, parents can feel good knowing that kids are playing with products from a socially responsible company — more on that later.

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Made for kids ages 3 and up, the sidewalk chalk is handmade, and every detail is on point. It’s almost a crime how identical the chalk is compared to the real thing. One of the sets I tested out was a six-pack of macaron chalk, and everyone who lives with me asked if I had just gone to the bakery when they saw it sitting on the table. From the dessert’s cracked edges to the bright-colored filling, the macaron set looks like it just came out of the oven. The hamburger slider’s bun has sesame seed details and the fries are shaped to look like the ones I have currently sitting in my freezer.

Source: TWEE

The handmade quality also shines through during use. The french fries, macarons, and burger all felt a lot denser than other chalk that I’m used to, giving it a much stronger feel. The pieces are also large and chunky for little hands to perfectly hold onto and maneuver. The chalk is truly meant for outdoor use on gritty surfaces, such as sidewalks, asphalt, and concrete, rather than a chalkboard. I was so happy that no matter what piece I used, none of the pieces broke apart — a true game-changer.

And, no matter how your chalk is decorated, whether it be with glitter or metallic paint, the chalk’s true color underneath came through on the concrete. Spoiler alert: The brown burger patty is surprisingly pink underneath! I hope my mailperson enjoys how colorful my stoop looks now.

Yes, while the chalk does look like food, all of the paint and coloring used are nontoxic. I love how the different shapes add more imaginative play while kids draw their masterpieces.

TWEE has also been committed to a sustainable future long before we’ve seen more companies get on board — a trend we have been seeing now more than ever before. The Philadelphia-based, woman-run company packages its products in fully biodegradable and recyclable packaging, including plant-based film for the clear windows instead of petroleum-based plastic. Even the glitter is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

In addition, for every purchase of Sam’s Slider & Fries Set, TWEE will donate $2 to GLSEN, an American education organization whose mission ensures that every member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

TWEE is reimagining the way kids play with sidewalk chalk through a strong company mission, eco-friendly initiatives, and imaginative play — and I’m here for it.

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