Play the regular version or the pop culture version! | Source: Asmodee/Zygomatic Games

French board game publisher Asmodee is teaming up with Zygomatic Games to launch Timeline Twist, the newest edition to its Timeline series. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, Timeline Twist puts players’ critical thinking and trivia skills to the test as teams work together to arrange historical events in chronological order. 

Timeline Twist comes with 100 different cards representing prominent moments of the past for players to sort out. The objective of the game is to get as many cards in the timeline in the correct order before your opponents. The game will be available in a regular version and a pop culture version.

Players must work together to place historical event cards in chronological order. | Source: Asmodee/Zygomatic Games

Much like previous editions such as Timeline Inventions and Timeline Music & Cinema, the fun comes from working with your team and making strategic moves to best your competitors. Being a history buff will definitely give you an edge, but there’s no need to go scrambling through your old homework. Players of any skill level can use their wits to have fun and win!  

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Each playthrough only requires 32 of the 100 cards that come with the game, giving the opportunity for endless playtime. Players can test their strategic thinking skills in groups of two to six.

Timeline Twist and its pop culture version will be available for $16.99 this spring, with more themed versions to follow.

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