Say aloha to a new bear, with profits benefitting those affected by the wildfires in Hawaii.

A new limited-edition Beanie Baby from Ty has been made to assist victims of the Hawaii wildfires. Ty is well-known for its collection of Beanie Baby plush, but the Aloha bear is a plush with purpose.

The Aloha bear features an inscription that reads “Maui Strong.” | Source: Ty

The new Aloha plush bear has a rainbow ribbon and chest inscription. Like other Beanie Baby plush, the bear has both a birthday (Aug. 8) and poem: “Helping each other all day long / We forever will stay Maui strong.”

The devastating Maui wildfires began this past Aug. 8, spreading with the help of hurricane winds across the Hawaiian islands. The disaster has displaced a number of people, with more than 2,200 structures destroyed and at least 100 persons believed dead. 100% of profits from Aloha bear sales will go toward the American Red Cross in order to assist its efforts in helping those affected by the fires.

The new bear comes as Ty celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Beanie Baby brand, which got its start in 1993. Screenings for the recently released The Beanie Bubble movie, a fictionalized telling of the brand’s beginning, continues across theaters.

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