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The journey may be more important than the destination, but not a lot of families are traveling the world right now.

With the help of some music from Elena Moon Park, now kids don’t have to leave home to head on a journey. The traveling musician has taken inspiration from her trips and brought them to her new album Unhurried Journey.

Park blends reimagined music from all over the world to bring kids a chance to dance along to music inspired by many cultures. In order to make truly global music, she got some help from her friends who are from South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Mexico, and the U.S.

“Through my work life, I am constantly reminded that we are a global family, connected so deeply through our shared humanity,” Park says in a press release. She insists that a journey doesn’t have to be a trip to somewhere new, it can be as simple as sharing a good meal — as long as it is enjoyed and families really take their time to allow laughter and conversation. Check out the music video for “Flower Dance” below!

To accompany the album, Park also unveiled the website, where families can find activities and artwork inspired by the songs. Families can tune into the launch of the album on Facebook Live or YouTube Live on May 29 at 12 p.m. EDT to learn more!

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