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Imagine an UNO game in which the deck completely changes every round based on who is playing — OK now stop imagining because this game exists and it’s called UNO Remix. This new take on the classic card game — released to celebrate its 50th anniversary — takes the simple fun of UNO game night and turns it into a high-stakes free-for-all in which no one is safe from getting plus-foured!

Designed for kids ages 7 and up, UNO Remix from Mattel Games takes a traditional deck of UNO cards and adds another deck of customizable Remix cards to mix everything up. The new Remix deck is full of special cards, each with its own rule and with a blank space to write a player’s name on (markers not included).

Uno Remix Cards Holder | Source: Mattel Games

Each Remix card has its own rule: Some cards skip to a particular player (Skip-To), some give a specific player an extra card (The Giving Card), and some make specific players draw four (Wild Draw 4 Card). My personal favorites are the black cards, which players can use either to add to a plus two card or to add two players’ names to a plus-four. These cards have a garbage can icon on them, and what does that mean? After using the card, rip it up to shreds!

Uno Remix Cards | Source: Mattel Games

Even with the Remix cards lurking, the basic house rules of UNO are in play. However, no one round of UNO Remix will be the same, as players stay on edge the whole time, knowing that a card with their name can pop up at any second. The game does come with a finite number of Remix cards, but there are a lot of them, so it will take quite a few rounds to run out. I played six rounds with three players, and we used less than half of the deck. Another option for making the Remix cards last longer is using dry erase markers to write names, instead of a permanent one.

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There is also a scorecard on the back of the instructions to use throughout the game. Place star stickers next to the winner of each round and, at the end, the winner gets a crown sticker while the losers get a jester hat.

The best part about this game is that even though the changes from original UNO are minor, playing UNO Remix feels so much more tense and exciting. I suggest getting the largest group possible (the game is designed for up to 10 players), because the more players you have, the more remix cards are in the mix.

From an avid UNO player to any family looking for a fun new game, this affordable, fresh take on a classic is the way to go! No two games are the same, it is weirdly satisfying to destroy an UNO card, and you end up with a deck that’s personalized to your family.

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