There are 13 VIP Pets Mini Fans for kids to collect! | Source: IMC Toys/the Toy Insider

From Swifties and Beliebers to the Beyhive and Little Monsters, every VIP has fans — and that now includes the VIP Pets squad.

IMC Toys introduced the VIP Pets last holiday season, which are extremely fashionable dog collectibles with long, flowing hair that kids can style. VIP Pets Mini fans are the superfans of their idols, sharing the love and passion that they have for hair.

Unlike the palm-sized VIP Pets, the Mini Fans are true to their name and are about half the size. Made for kids ages 6 and up, Series 1 features 13 pets for kids to collect. Each character has a favorite VIP, making up six different fan squads, and the rare character Coco is the president of the fan club!

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The Mini Fans are housed in a heart-shaped container — in either light pink or hot pink — that opens up with a vibrant color reveal. When kids dip the capsule into water, yellow, teal, and purple colors will fizz and unlock what’s inside. Then, kids will find their pet, three accessories unique to that character, a comb, and a collector’s sheet (we love keeping track of our collectibles!). I wasn’t sure what to expect with the water reveal, but it was fun and not messy. The fizzing reminded me of a bath bomb, and everything stayed dry inside!

VIP Pets Mini Fans | Source: IMC Toys

I love that the capsule doesn’t go to waste: It doubles as a playset, so kids can decorate it with the included sticker sheet and transform it into a hair salon for their new collectibles!

Each Mini Fan has 8 inches of colorful hair in varying hairstyles, like braids, curly locks, pigtails, and ponytails, but they definitely are not meant to stay that way! Now, kids can take their pets to the salon and style their pint-sized fashionistas however they want. The personalized accessories include headbands, ribbons, hair ties, and more for kids to really amp up the hair play.

If kids can’t get enough of VIP Pets, they can also head over to IMC Toys’ Kitoons YouTube channel for animated content starring the VIP Pets and their Mini Fans in all-new adventures. All of the characters’ looks in the series match their toy counterparts.

From the ultra-cool water reveal to the surprise inside, kids will sure to be fans themselves of VIP Pets Mini Fans!

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