TR.IBE | Source: Universal Music/Cartoon Network

It’s cuteness overload with the new music video collab between K-pop group TR.IBE and baby Ice Bear, Panda, and Grizzly for Cartoon Network’s new series We Baby Bears.

The Universal Music supergroup has created a theme song for We Baby Bears, called “The Bha Bha Song (We Baby Bears Theme). The song celebrates an important theme for the show and for the K-pop group — embracing your individuality — to encourages kids to take pride in what makes them unique. 

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The music video is vibrant with the group’s high-energy dance moves and delicious sparkly pizza sliding across the screen. The baby bears and TRI.BE are shown having fun — worry-free and ready for any adventure. 

Kids can watch the baby bears go on adventures and explore the world when We Baby Bears premieres on Cartoon Network on Jan. 1, with a 10-episode marathon. With the new slogan, “Redraw your World,” Cartoon Network wants kids to put no limits on their imagination and whoever they choose to be.

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