Weee-Do Trampolines from Jakks Pacific feature favorite Disney Junior characters. | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Toy Insider

Mickey & Friends and Jakks Pacific are throwing a party — and it’s sure to be a hoppin’ good time!

Jakks’ new line of licensed Weee-Do Trampolines includes a 2-in-1 Ball Pit Bouncer and a 3-Foot Trampoline featuring kids’ favorite Disney Junior pals.

Mickey & Friends 2-in-1 Ball Pit Bouncer | Source: Jakks Pacific

The 2-in-1 Ball Pit Bouncer comes in two different Disney Junior designs: Mickey & Friends and Minnie Mouse. (Bonus: This bouncer is also available in PAW Patrol.) One side is a fun bouncer that features all the things kids love about a mini trampoline, plus plenty of safety features to make grown-ups happy. It features a safe bungee system, which means no metal coils for kids to get their clothes, hair, or their fingers pinched in. That bungee system is covered with durable vinyl, so kids up to 55 lbs can bounce as much as they please and parents can rest easy.

Minnie Mouse 2-in-1 Ball Pit Bouncer | Source: Jakks Pacific

When kids are ready to relax and play in the ball pit, this bouncer flips over so they can play a different way! The 2-in-1 Ball Pit Bouncer comes with 50 soft flex balls, which is enough for kids to play with, but not too many to drive adults crazy with clean up. The one thing for grown-ups to note is that the trampoline does not come with storage for those 50 balls that go into the ball pit, so make sure you have a strategy on hand before opening the box.

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The line also features the Mickey & Friends 3-foot Trampoline. Like the Ball Pit Bouncers, it features a safe-padded bungee system and can hold up to 55 lbs, but this one also has a removable handlebar. This provides an added safety feature for your tiny tots, but also allows you to remove it to give them a bit more freedom as they get older — making this toy last for a few years!

Mickey & Friends 3-Foot Trampoline | Source: Jakks Pacific

What I love most about these trampolines is that — unlike big yard trampolines — these are also perfect for indoor play. While you can take your bouncer or 3-foot trampoline into the yard, kids can have just as much fun with it in the playroom on a rainy day. Trust me: It helps shake out some of that energy kids might get on days they have to stay inside.

So if you’re ready to make your playtime a hoppin’ good time, add one of these trampolines to your lineup. Your kids will be jumping for joy!

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