Wordle: The Party Game is a new 3-4-player game. | Source: Hasbro

Last year, Wordle took the world by storm and users are still counting the minutes to midnight for the daily word puzzle to drop. Now Hasbro is teaming up with The New York Times to create Wordle: The Party Game, so families can play the game as much as they want — without being limited to one puzzle per day. 

The party game follows the same rules as the online puzzle: Players have six attempts to guess the correct five-letter word while finding out what letters they have placed correctly and which letters belong somewhere else in the word. Each round has one person acting as a Wordle host that gets to pick out the word and tell players what letters belong using green and yellow chips. The less tries a player needs to solve the puzzle, the less points they get. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins! 

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Designed for teens ages 14 and up, the game comes with three dry-erase markers, privacy folders, answer cards, green and yellow chips, and a scorecard for the Wordle host. Wordle: The Party Game is a great gift for teens and puzzle-solvers of all ages, especially those looking to show off their vocabulary skills. 

Wordle: The Party Game is available now at Amazon, Target, hasbropulse.com, and the New York Times store for $19.99.

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