Surprise toys have all the best elements of play: the anticipation of unwrapping an unknown toy, the mystery as kids try to guess what’s inside, and the ability for kids to build up a collection their friends will be jealous of. YuMe’s Disney100 Surprise Capsules have all of that, plus a nostalgic twist. 

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, each capsule features an iconic Disney character and accessories that kids can display using the packaging and the included backdrop.Going with Disney’s platinum theme for its 100th anniversary celebration, the capsules are decked out in silver. To start opening the capsules, kids just need to peel back the plastic and get started! There are three panels on the outside of the capsule. Behind each capsule is a clue that gives a hint as to which character is inside. The first door has a card that kids need to use a coin to scratch off, while the next has a card that kids use their hands to heat activate and reveal a new clue. Under the third door, kids will find a sticker of the character and the bottom of the included backdrop. Kids can put the sticker on the designated spot on the packaging or use it wherever they want. 

Kids can find 14 possible characters in the capsules! | Source: YuMe

Once kids open the packaging, there are three bags to open. The first two bags are accessories, while the third holds the figure. Some of the sets have a stand to make the characters stand up inside, but not all of them do. The backdrop for the diorama is also inside. Once kids finally reveal the characters, they can set up the backdrop in the silver packaging and display their character inside!

Kids will find excitement in the process of figuring out which character they have in their surprise capsule. They could even guess what character they have before the final reveal! However, parents may want to keep a trash can nearby as kids unwrap plastic and rip open surprise bags. 

There are 14 characters to collect in Series 1: Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Moana, Simba, Stitch, Tinker Bell, Pinocchio, Dory, Woody, Olaf, Sully, Snow White, and two rare variants of Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell that are silver.

I got four YuMe Disney100 Surprise Capsules. In my lineup I received Simba, two regular Tinker Bells, and the rare Tinker Bell. The characters are super-detailed and come with the cutest accessories (Tinker Bell comes with a thimble and thread, and Simba comes with Zazu and a grub on a leaf). However, Simba doesn’t like to stand up. The Tinker Bell figures come with a stand to keep them upright, but Simba doesn’t. 

The collection is great for kids and collectors alike. Everybody’s going to want to collect all 14 figures!

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