There’s no official timeline on when the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will drop on Netflix, but until then, YuMe has just the collectibles to satisfy fans eagerly awaiting the show’s return.

The Stranger Things Upside Down Capsules will transport fans straight back into the 1980s. Each mini retro TV holds a wealth of nostalgia and surprises around every corner for kids (and kidults), complete with clues, games, trading cards, stickers, and collectibles. The figures are safety-graded for kids ages 3 and up, but are best enjoyed by an older audience of tweens, teens, and adults who are fans of the Netflix show.

Each capsule comes with clue cards, a card pack, two accessories, and a ~2.5-inch figurine. The packaging is all numbered so kids can open them in order or go off on their own adventure. To be honest, when I opened my capsules I was too excited to see which character I got so I skipped right to opening my figurine! Everything about the packaging is cool. Even the plastic that you discard has incredibly detailed designs related to the show. 

The clue cards — in packaging that looks like a classic mixtape — are meant to be opened first. These cards have portions that can be scratched off like a mini arcade game and pictures that can be revealed with water like developing a real photograph. These clues help reveal who your mystery character is.

Next, kids can open their trading card packs, which come with three story cards, one character card, one sticker reveal, and one TV card that can be used as a backdrop for display purposes. These cards feature never-before-seen artwork.

The final steps are to open the two accessories and the character figurine. There are 12 possible figures to collect from all four seasons: Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Hopper, Max, Demogorgon, Robin, Steve, Argyle, Eddie, and an ultra-rare Demogorgon variant. The great thing about the accessories is that they all work well with the character. For example, Dustin’s “thinking cap” fits right on his head and Steve’s iconic spiked bat slips right into his hands. My personal favorite is Max’s skateboard, which connects to her feet so she can be displayed mid-trick. Some of the smaller accessories are difficult to make stay in the characters’ hands (such as Eleven’s waffle), but once it’s placed carefully it’s ready to be displayed. 

Once kids have gone through the entire unboxing experience, they can display their figurines two different ways: TV display mode (standing atop a TV) or The Upside Down display mode (standing in front of a background on a Stranger Things base). 

Waiting for a new season of your favorite show isn’t fun, but these capsules from YuMe will keep fans entertained with a unique and incredibly fun unboxing experience. 


The Stranger Things Upside Down Capsules will transport fans straight back into the 1980s. Each mini retro TV holds a wealth of nostalgia and surprises around every corner for kids (and kidults) ages 3 and up, complete with clues, games, trading cards, stickers, and collectibles.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $24.99 (two-pack)
  • Age:
  • 3+

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