Welcome to the Spring & Summer Toy Guide!

Sun’s out, fun’s out! The Toy Insider’s Spring & Summer Toy Guide features six categories of spring and summer toys, ready to help you find the best and hottest toys for sunny season! Our team of experts tests thousands of toys to select the best ones we know your kids will love. Whether your little ones are running around in the yard or taking a trip to Grandma’s, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve created a full list that is jam-packed with play value and includes something for kids of all ages and interests. Ready to cool down the summer heat with fun water toys? We got you covered. Want your kids to get off the couch and play outside while school is out? There are plenty of toys for that! All of the toys on our list provide active and engaging play that will last for hours and help kids shut down their devices and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our six categories—Outdoor, Water, Travel Toys & Games, Physical/Active Toys, Nature & Educational Toys, and Entertainment Toys—offer a variety of products for kids of all ages!

Now in its 13th year, The Toy Insider is made up of a panel of toy industry experts who review thousands of products all year long. Our team reviews each product to evaluate its originality, quality, play value, skill building, and fun factor, narrowing our selections to the best of the best.