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We know play. 

The Toy Insider is your go-to source for information about children’s toys, tech, and entertainment. Our trusted team of toy experts have more than 100 years of combined experience in the toy industry, so trust us when we say: We know play.

thetoyinsider.com is home to news and information about all the latest toys and games. You can find hundreds of new product listings, reviews, and links to purchase from your favorite retailers. Plus, look out for our annual gift guides: one for the coolest toys of the summer and one for the hottest toys of the holiday season. While both gift guides are available online at thetoyinsider.com, our Holiday Gift Guide is also printed and delivered to families all across America.

Plus, we love to share! We have weekly, daily, and monthly giveaways all year round! With so many amazing toys right at our fingertips, who better to share them with than all of you?

You’ll also find the Toy Insider experts on your favorite local and national news outlets, reporting on all the hottest toy trends of the year. Follow us for more adventures in the toy world on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

The Toy Insider is published by Adventure Media & Events, publisher of The Pop Insider, a daily pop culture news and review site that fuels fandoms, as well as the leading toy trade publication The Toy Book.

At The Toy Insider, we are all kids at heart, and we are here to help parents and gift-givers make the very best choices for the little ones in their lives. Afterall, the power of play is nothing short of magical!
Laurie Schacht- Chief Toy Officer

The Team

Laurie Schacht
President and Chief Toy Officer
Jackie Breyer
Vice President and Group Publisher
Ali Mierzejewski
Marissa Silva
James Zahn
Senior Editor
Nadia Velit
Senior Editor
Ashley Pelletier
Assistant Editor
Nicole Savas
Social Media Editor
Madison Patterson
Editorial Assistant
Kit Schroder
Editiorial Assistant
Charlene DeLoach
Contributing Editor
Deborah Stallings Stumm
Media Correspondent & Business Development
Bill Reese
Business Operations Manager
Joe Ibraham
Art Director
Elena Sorce
Graphic Designer
James Devin
Executive Director of Sales and Marketing
Stephanie Infantino
Senior Sales & Marketing Executive
Bug Hartsock
News Writer
Maggie Dougherty
Editorial Intern
Val Kluge
Social Media Intern
Taylor Battle
Editorial Intern

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