The sets feature iconic fair games and treats! | Source: Melissa & Doug

Take the fun of the fair home with a new collection from Melissa & Doug!

The Fun at the Fair collection includes a number of different playsets and toys that are all themed around a trip to the fair. From classic treats to games and puzzles, this collection has something for every kid.

Fair food is a classic element of any carnival. Cotton candy, sweets, popcorn, and more all take center stage in this collection of carnival-themed toys. The Snow-Cone and Slushie Play Set gives kids everything they need to make pretend snow cones and slushie drinks, including color-changing “ice” balls. The Popcorn Play Set has four huge plastic popcorn pieces and a machine to pop them in. Finally in the food-themed sets, the Carnival Candy Play Set is chock-full of all sorts of sweet treats. The set includes pretend cotton candy, candied apples, candy bars, and more!

Once kids have filled up with pretend treats, they’ll have all the energy they need for fair games! With the Penguin Launch game, players can launch adorable plush penguins at targets with different point scores. The Hook a Duck Game also features some water-loving birds — this time with the goal of fishing for one of the five rubber ducks as they move.

The Stunt Cars feature car-racing fun and the Treasure Mountain Ring the Bell is a twist on the classic carnival strength games. Kids will have to use all their strength and precision to get the gems in every mine cart.

The Mini Golf Play Set and Roulette & Plinko set both feature well-known games with bright colors and designs. The Armadillo Roll & Bowl is a cute creature twist on bowling, with an armadillo ball trying to knock down as many prairie dog pins as possible.

The Fun at the Fair collection also features a huge Game Center Play Tent. This tent has everything kids need to feel like they’re in a real carnival, with multiple games and even a prize! It includes a Pie Toss game, a Balloon Pockets Beanbag Toss game, a Fishing for Numbers game, a Ticket Booth, a roll-up door, and a stuffed bear prize. Parents can pair it with the Funhouse Mirror and the impressively big Floor Puzzle to turn their living room into a fair!

Melissa & Doug has a number of other playsets for kids that want to visit more than the fair. With kitchen and food sets, doctor’s kits, pretend beauty salons, and even a dentist play set, there is something for every interest.

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The new Fun at the Fair collection is available now on the Melissa & Doug website. The sets are designed for kids ages 3 and up and include themes like colors and numbers to introduce kids to new concepts in a fun way. Little fair-goers will have a full day at their new favorite carnival — one that is available right at home!

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