We may be the toy experts, but some recommendations need to come straight from the mouths of people just like you—parents! The Toy Insider’s Parent Panel features a group of individuals who take to their blogs, YouTube channels, and national TV to tell you exactly what they think about the issues facing parents today. They’ll also provide you with insight on what toys they love the most, and give ideas on great ways to engage in playtime with your kids! These men and women have a keen sense of what toys make great play opportunities. With 15 children between them, they know everything about toys from baby books to products for teens. If you’re wondering what to buy a 3-year-old for a birthday party or what to give to your tween for the holidays, these eight influential parents have you covered.

Meet the Parents!


charlene_2016Charlene DeLoach

As an Attorney writing laws for 15 years, Charlene DeLoach now writes about living life. Charlene blogs about luxury at; life at, and local activities at She has been featured on NECN, Mass Appeal, The Rhode Show, Fox25 Morning News, the Boston Globe,, Boston Herald, and She previously worked for the White House, the MA Legislature, and big-name insurance companies and state agencies. Now, she loves advising parents about the best toys for children on the Autism Spectrum. Charlene lives outside of Boston with her family.

Charlene has been a Toy Insider Parent since 2012, and the Lead Parent for three years.

Stephanie Glover
Stephanie Glover is owner and editor of A Grande Life. The mom of two energetic and spirited boys, Stephanie knows all about balancing work and life and has been writing about it on A Grande Life for the past seven years. She is also an award-winning photographer in the Philadelphia area, and has been capturing stunning images of families since 2009. A total Nikon junkie, Stephanie’s passion for photography has led to a beautiful career that has garnered the attention of Main Line Parent Magazine and Kodak. Stephanie has been featured on 6 ABC with Amy Buckman, she has been named one of the Top 25 Baby Journals by Circle of Moms in 2011, and she was awarded Best Food’s Blue Ribbon Winner #74. When she’s not out finding the best toys and vacation destinations for you and your children, Stephanie can be found creating delicious treats, blogging tips and tricks to make you a better writer, and always has her camera in hand to capture the beauty in her every day.

Stephanie has been a Toy Insider Parent since 2014.

James Zahn
James Zahn, aka The Rock Father, is an Illinois-based entertainment writer, media personality, commentator, director, actor, musician, adventurer, raconteur, and “toyographer.” Together with his wife, they’re raising “The Rock Daughters,” Adalyn and Finley.

James and/or his work have been featured in/on The Chicago Tribune, PopSugar, CNN, NBC, ABC, WGN, Fox Business, BusinessWire, Babble, and more. He writes for the Netflix #StreamTeam and is a former contributor to Fandango Family, PBS KIDS, Sprout, and Chicago Parent. He also serves as a brand ambassador and consultant for a number of globally-recognized toy and pop culture brands.

James has been a Toy Insider Parent since 2016.

Destiny Paquette
Destiny Paquette runs Suburban Wife, City Life. She is a mom to two adorable and fun kids and wife to Mike. Destiny works full-time in New York City for Blue Man Group and lives in the suburbs of New Jersey. She’s been featured on Huffington Post, iBlog Magazine, Bon Bon Break and multiple other blogs for her DIY ideas, travel tips, and life hacks. Never one to turn away a carousel ride, she loves traveling around and discovering new and old carousels of America with her family. Her blog has allowed her to experience and share new adventures, and check out the hottest toys. In her free time she enjoys reading, sewing vintage dresses, and dancing.

Destiny has been a Toy Insider Parent since 2016.


Tim Burns
Tim Burns blogs about the adventures of parenting from a fun-loving dad’s perspective at A connoisseur of baseball caps, comic books, remote control cars, and wrist watches, he enjoys adventurous family road trips and is an avid Detroit Tigers fan. Tim is the father of a son and daughter who are 9-year-old twins.

Tim has been a Toy Insider Parent since 2016.

Drew Bennett
Drew Bennett has had a life-long love affair with toys. From his first LEGO set, to his first Transformers figure (Wheeljack), to his favorite NES video game (The Legend of Zelda), Drew has never stopped loving toys and prides himself as being a big kid. Now, more than 30 years later, he can see his favorite toys come to life on the big screen and can immerse himself in the land of Hyrule with his Nintendo Switch.

Drew shoots a photograph every day, and has spent 4,500 consecutive days behind the lens. He also creates daily videos on YouTube. When not in front of or behind the camera, Drew is a father of two, a loving husband, an avid kayaker, a speaker, podcaster, and writer for his blog BenSpark Family Adventures.

Drew has been a Toy Insider Parent since September 2017.