Beach Babies Dolls | Source: Adora

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Adora is making the most out of sunny summer days with new Beach Babies dolls that change in the sun.

When kids bring the baby dolls outside, UV-activated rosy cheeks and freckles will appear in the sun. The 13-inch dolls also feature Adora’s exclusive QuickDri bodies so kids can also bring them into the water if they’re at the beach or pool, and parents can also machine wash them at home.

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Designed for babies ages 1 and up, the dolls feature hand-painted hair, eyes that open and close, and open baby lips so that kids can role-play to make the doll suck its thumb when it’s in need of soothing. Beach Babies are available in three skin tones and come as a four-piece set that includes the washable baby doll, a colorful onesie, a bucket hat, and yellow sunglasses.

Parents can find even more sunlight-activated and water toys on

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