Airdrop Gaming’s PopIt Popper combines a fidget spinner and popit toy in one! | Source: Airdrop Gaming

There’s no doubt about it — fidget toys, and especially silicone popping fidget toys, are one of the hottest toy trends of this year. And Airdrop Gaming has a new accessory that’s designed to enhance kids’ fidget popper experience.

The company’s new dual-purpose toy is called the PopIt Popper. Developed in response to the increasing popularity of fidget toys, the Popper functions on its own as a traditional fidget spinner. However, it also features 11 spokes that each end with a flat, circular pad. They are intentionally spaced so that kids can roll the PopIt Popper along any silicone popping toy or mat (sold separately) to pop a row of bubbles in quick succession.

The PopIt Popper is currently available in three colors — orange krush, sunbeamer (yellow), and tidal wave blue. Like most fidget toys, the PopIt Popper is designed to relieve stress, anxiety, and boredom through sensory play.

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The PopIt Popper can be purchased at or on Amazon for $12.99. Let the popping fun begin!

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