American Girl x KidKraft Luxury Dollhouse | Source: Mattel/KidKraft

Dollhouses are one of the most popular toys of all time, but American Girl dolls are getting a home makeover just as cool as they are. Now, kids can play with the iconic dolls in a set that’s built to handle them. 

American Girl and KidKraft are teaming up for a two-story Luxury Dollhouse that is compatible with 18-inch dolls. Dreamhouse alert: This dollhouse comes with a hot tub that fits four dolls, a fireplace that makes crackling sounds, a bedroom with a ceiling fan that really spins, a bathroom that makes water sounds and shifts colors to indicate temperature changes, a double-sided TV, a doorbell that plays three different chimes, security lights to show if the doors are locked, and more. Many of the features light up and are interactive, so kids feel like they are playing in a real house! There is even a secret compartment behind one of the paintings for hidden surprises. 

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Check out this light-up hot tub that holds up to four dolls! | Source: Mattel/KidKraft

If kids want a more elaborate setup, they can get bundles of themed accessories, including the What’s Cooking Bundle full of kitchen accessories; the Bedtime Bundle with a bed and nightstand; and the #Goals Bundle, which includes the pink American Girl R/C Car. The Custom Closet Bundle adds an extra addition onto the dollhouse, including a two-sided mirror to virtually try on outfits, plenty of storage, and a spiral staircase to connect the two stories of the house. Kids can also add on smaller sets and accessories in the American Girl x KidKraft collection, including pets and pet essentials, food, and clothes. 

The American Girl x KidKraft Luxury Dollhouse is good for kids ages 6 and up and is available on and for $598, with accessories starting at $16.

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