Aquabeads Disney Princess Dazzle Set Box and Princesses | Source: Epoch/the Toy Insider

Move over, fuse beads: There’s a new beading set in town and it has all the spritz, sparkle, and sweetness a kid could ask for!

The Aquabeads Disney Princess Dazzle Set from Epoch is the newest — and cutest — addition to the Aquabeads family of crafting sets. Kids ages 4 and up can bling and bedazzle their favorite Disney princesses by just adding water!

The princesses featured in this set are Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Rapunzel. Each Disney dame’s Aquabead form is printed on sheets that kids can slide under the transparent beading tray. Kids can place the beads over the stencil to create a beaded version of each princess that measures about 3 inches long. The set comes with more than 800 beads in solid, jewel, and star-shaped styles. The beads come in 26 different colors that vary according to the Disney princesses’ signature colors. For example, both Belle and Rapunzel require a lot of yellow beads, while there are a few red beads because only Ariel needs them.

Aquabeads Dazzle Set Process | Source: Epoch

There are no tools included in the set to help place the beads on the tray, so kids should carefully open the packages and transfer the beads with their fingers. It may be helpful to pour the beads onto a paper plate so they don’t roll around on the table or use a pair of tweezers to pick the beads up. The sheets indicate which design and color of bead to use for each princess, from sparkly, star-shaped gems to solid-colored jewels.

Unlike other fuse beads set, Aquabeads don’t require heat to meld the design together — all it takes is water! The set includes a tiny spray bottle for kids to fill up with water when they’ve finished their princess designs. It’s better to douse rather than dribble water onto the designs. I used the full bottle of spray for my princess to make sure that the beads properly fused together. However, unlike regular fuse beads, Aquabeads do take a bit longer to connect. Kids have to wait around an hour or longer for their designs to fuse together. To keep the color of the Aquabead princess vibrant, make sure not to leave the beads in sunlight. Instead, leave them in a cool, dry space.

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Aquabeads give the “bippity-boppity-boo” magic of fuse beads an aquatic twist that’s safe and kid-friendly. It offers themed bead refills for its sets so kids can relive the Disney princess festivities whenever they desire. Add some flair to your next arts and crafts project with this beautiful beading set!

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