Arckit Building Kits 2021 Collection | Source: Arckit

For both curious kids and adult designers, the architecture that surrounds us is a source of intrigue and wonder. The new and “Best Ever” line of architectural kits from the Irish company Arckit presents a hands-on opportunity to explore this wonder. 

Arckit’s “Best Ever” 2021 collection includes a host of tools that empower unlimited creativity. Designed for kids ages 7 and up, the collection provides a variety of building kits that are set in different landscapes, including Desert Living, Mountain Living, and Coastal Living. 

Builders will use the architectural building blocks for the foundations of their models. Each kit is packed with accessory sets of cardboard pop-outs that correspond to the kit’s specific region. The Desert Living, for example, includes cutouts of cacti and horses, while the Mountain Living kit includes elk and evergreens. For finishing touches, budding architects can use the “arckitexture decals” to personalize the exterior of their creation. These cutouts and decals create a whole new element to the architectural models, allowing builders to tell stories through their designs.

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With an emphasis on greener living, the new line also includes a Greenscape Village for kids 5 and up, and a Sustainable Design village for kids 10 and up. These kits are an engaging way to introduce kids to the importance of sustainability!   

Each kit includes an introductory booklet that provides inspiration for the building’s design. The kits are available for purchase at, at retail prices ranging from $82.07-526.79. The Arckit 2021 architectural models are a great way for kids and parents to build their creativity!

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