The wait is over: Mattel has finally dropped its Barbie: The Movie collection. The collection features dolls with tons of cute outfits directly from the screen, as well as vehicles, collectibles, and more. 

There are four Barbies inspired by Margot Robbie’s version of Barbie in the collection. One of the more affordable options is the Pink Gingham Dress Barbie for $25, featuring a classic A-line dress with a sparkly belt, a daisy necklace and bracelet, and pastel pink pumps.

There are more deluxe dolls for $50 each, including Barbie flashing back to the ‘70s with a gold disco jumpsuit. Of course, a ‘70s disco ‘fit would be incomplete without the big hair and matching metallic jewelry and heels. Barbie embodies cowgirl chic in her pink western outfit featuring a matching vest and V-waist flare jeans, complete with embroidery and silver buttons; cream-and-gold cowboy boots; a cowboy hat; and a bandana around her neck. Pastel plaid is the star of the show with a Barbie that comes in a matching jacket and skirt. Her outfit is complete with a matching hat that ties in the back, pearl drop earrings, and baby blue heels!

If these four outfits aren’t enough for you, you can also get the Barbie: The Movie Fashion Pack for $50. The set features three adorable outfits, including a matching gingham shirt, shorts, and a sunhat; a blue-and-white sundress; and a pastel pink sleep set. Each outfit comes with matching accessories, including jewelry and shoes.

Where there is a Barbie, there is also a Ken! There are three Kens in the new collection. One Ken is ready for the beach with a matching blue-and-pink striped button down and shorts for $25; another wears a Canadian tuxedo for $50 with a matching denim vest and jeans (plus, Ken-brand underwear showing out of the waistband of his jeans); and Simu Liu’s Ken for $50 — wearing a clean white tracksuit with a twist! The tracksuit features gold sleeves, leg stripes, and a K on the front. The outfit even has a working zipper and real pockets.

To round off the collection of dolls, there are two other Barbies. The president is looking positively regal in a satin off-the-shoulder gown. For $50, this doll looks ready to lead in her presidential sash, complete with golden tassels and a fancy necklace. Finally, girls from the human world can be dolls, too! Gloria (also $50) is wearing a Barbie-inspired outfit, including hot pink pants, a blouse, and a blazer with gold hoops and matching heels!

Barbie’s iconic pink Corvette is also hitting shelves. Barbie dolls can drive around Barbie Land in the full-size Corvette for $75, which seats up to four dolls and has rolling wheels, working doors, and a steerable wheel! Kids can even drive the Corvette with the Hot Wheels RC version for $55, which fits two dolls and has space for accessories in the trunk! The Corvette can reach up to five miles per hour. Kids can also get together some pocket change and get the Hot Wheels 1:64 die-cast car for only $1.25.

Even if kids aren’t huge fans of Barbie dolls, they won’t be able to deny that the Barbie Little People are adorable! The $24 set comes with four Little People: Barbie, Ken, President Barbie, and Gloria! Plus, who is Barbie without her Dreamhouse? Mattel’s MEGA Dreamhouse features three stories complete with a kitchen, a bar, a bedroom, a spa, and more! With more than 1,000 pieces in the set, the Dreamhouse is full of MEGA fun for $150. Finally, the competition is on for UNO fans with the UNO Barbie: The Movie edition for $6.49! The set features cards with Barbies and Kens galore! There is even a special card — the “Played with too much” card — that players can use to discard and draw cards!

Whether kids are a Barbie girl in their Barbie world or *just Ken,* they won’t want to miss Mattel’s Barbie: The Movie collection. Everything in the collection is available now at

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