Battle Bosses are beings, deities, or monsters that kids can command along with their armies of minions. | Source: KESS

Strategy, fantasy, awesome figures: Battle Bosses has it all.

In this new game from KESS, players ages 13 and up are challenged to command beings, deities, or monsters along with their armies of minions to dominate the battlefield. Battle Bosses is a story-driven world in which the fabric between realities, known as the Void, is thinning, and different worlds and timelines are starting to merge together, forcing bosses from each realm into battle. 

Doc Splosion, Mecha Bot, Nightmare, Ryu, Alana, Captain Boat, Cthulhu, and Grakthar Battle Bosses | Source: KESS

Currently, there are eight Battle Bosses to choose from, each one with a completely unique look, personality, powers, and army. Alana is a powerful Faerie Empress, commanding an army of faeries. She’s got fiery red hair and a pair of iconic neon green wings. Nightmare is a swirly, crimson demon who leads a cast of shadows to do his bidding, and Doc Splosion is a scientist complete with a white cape and an army of brainbots. Players can also choose from Captain Boat, Ryu, Grakthar, Mecha Bot, and Cthulhu. 

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The game combines so many genres of fantasy games, with sci-fi-based elements, creative creatures, tech-infused characters, and more. It’s like the ultimate geeky mashup that teens and even adult players will love. 

Each Battle Boss is sold separately, but you do need two to play the game and battle, so we highly recommend purchasing them in pairs. The game changes every time you play based on which bosses are in command and how they react to each other. 

Each Battle Boss comes with a Battle Boss figure plus land tiles, cards, crystal tokens, energy tokens, damage tokens, minion/special tokens, and dice. | Source: KESS

Players will use energy to charge up their Boss’ abilities and use crystals to upgrade the armies to the next level. Each Battle Bosses figure includes land tiles, cards, crystal tokens, energy tokens, damage tokens, minion/special tokens, and dice, meaning each box really packs a punch.

The gameplay is all about fast-paced strategy, and players will have to decide which move to make next to out-wit their opponent and cause the most damage. Players familiar with the rules of the Pokémon TCG or even more intense games like Dungeons and Dragons will enjoy Battle Bosses, which falls somewhere in the middle of the two. 

With super creative Bosses to collect and easy-to-learn but tough-to-master gameplay elements, Battle Bosses is a welcome addition to the world of fantasy-based strategy games.

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