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Beast Lab from Moose Toys offers kids a play experience like no other. There are a lot of elements to this toy and for that reason it’s a great match for all kinds of kids, ages 5 and up.

The kit includes everything kids need to create their beasts, aside from a little bit of water. To start, kids scan their fingerprint to activate the human-beast connection. This is a nice added touch as it makes the toy seem more personal. Then, kids have to add (and measure) the key ingredients to the vessel, including the Attack Serum, Roar Rocks, Fossil Fragments, Skin Scrapings, and the Pandemonium Crystal. Each ingredient gives the beast certain features.

The beast is revealed as the liquid drains. | Source: Moose Toys

The mixture will activate sounds, roars, flashing lights, fizzing bubbles, and even mist! The mist creates a fun atmosphere and definitely builds anticipation. Once the final ingredient is added, alarms start going off and kids have to pull the emergency lever to drain the bubbling liquid. This part is tons of fun because the suspense is building as the liquid is slowly draining to reveal the beast.

Kids can reveal one of two beasts: Mayhem Megashark or Havoc Hammerhead. They can activate battle mode by scanning their fingerprint on the beast’s light-up chest, which holds the “powerful” crystal, and attaching its weapon. The beast is now ready for action!

Kids can reveal one of two beasts. | Source: Moose Toys

The science experiment portion of the toy is not difficult at all, and is super interactive. Kids will have fun measuring the ingredients needed to “concoct” their beasts. The playset also comes with an instruction manual with a QR code that leads to helpful how-to videos for visual learners. Once the experiment is performed and the beast is revealed, kids now have an awesome action-packed toy for long-term imaginative play (because now they have to save the world!).

The best part about this product is that it’s totally reusable! That’s right, it’s not game over once the beast is revealed. On the contrary, kids can reset the beast and repeat the experiment to find the evolved beast has different features and new ways to play! It’s like having two toys in one — that kids can play with over and over again!

This experiment-based playset from Moose Toys is sure to give kids a super fun play experience every time!


As kids add ingredients to this experiment-based playset, they'll activate sounds, lights, fizzing bubbles, and mist to unleash one of two beasts. When kids reset the beast or repeat the experiment, the beast can evolve with new ways to play.

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