Digital pets just keep getting better. From the company that brought you Hatchimals comes the latest tech pet packed with innovation: Bitzee.

But really, we should say tech pets, because Spin Master‘s Bitzee isn’t just a digital puppy, cat, bunny, or unicorn. It’s all of those — and more. Using “persistence of vision” technology, Bitzee is a digital pet that kids ages 5 and up can see, touch, and play with. The more kids engage with Bitzee, the more pets they will unlock, such as a turtle, a goldfish, a penguin, a butterfly, and more.

One of Bitzee’s greatest features is its compact little pod. The purple Bitzee case closes shut with a snap, meaning kids can take it anywhere they want. It’s the perfect all-in-one travel toy that provides an engaging, creative experience.

Each Bitzee pet grows from a baby, to an adult, to a Super Bitzee. Kids can use the little touch bar to engage with their pet by playing games, feeding them, rocking them to sleep, and more. The toy responds to movement and is easy to control with no reading involved.

Most digital pets live inside a screen, but Bitzee is different. Kids can actually touch their pets and watch as they respond to touch. Bitzee features hundreds of different animations, which will keep kids entertained as they wait to see what their pet will do next.

Bitzee has lots of surprises in store, like cute little dance breaks, hidden outfits, unique reactions, new pets to constantly unlock, and more.

Bitzee is a truly innovative toy that provides a small, compact tech-pet experience without a screen. It offers tremendous play value at just $34.99, and the whole family will want to play to experience the magic and ingenuity firsthand.


Kids can take care of and play with their Bitzee through a screen-free display and the pet will react to touch and movement, creating a two-way interaction. Each Bitzee has three evolutionary stages with the final stage unlocking a Super Bitzee and a special game.

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  • MSRP:
  • $29.99
  • Age:
  • 5+

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