Step by step and clue by clue, now kids can dance along with Blue!

Fans of Blue’s Clues & You! can bring Blue the puppy into the real world with the Blue’s Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush from Just Play.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this musical toy embodies the playfulness of the preschool series. It comes with a 12-inch, plush Blue and Josh’s Handy Dandy Guitar, which acts as a controller full of fun details that activate music, phrases, and dancing. The paw print button on the guitar prompts sounds and motion, while the music note button plays the show’s theme song and makes Blue dance. 

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This dance isn’t just a little wiggle, either — Blue’s got moves. Four magic moves, to be exact. When she is ready to dance, Blue will roll her head, raise her ears and paw up and down, and sway her booty from side to side like Shakira. You go, girl! Kids can even press the guitar strings as if they’re playing a real instrument to speed up or slow down Blue’s dancing.

Even if kids don’t watch Blue’s Clues & You!, they’re still going to love dancing along with this life-like puppy. Not only is it great for imaginative play, but it will also get kids up and active — you better believe that little ones are going to want to bop along right alongside Blue as she dances.

The toy is also soft enough for cuddling when kids finally tire themselves out, making it the perfect companion to watch a few episodes of Blue’s Clues & You! with. Even better, it’s part of a larger Blue’s Clues line of toys from Just Play so parents can add to their kids’ collections as we head into the holiday season.

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