The Bluey sneakers feature kids’ favorite characters and fun patterns! | Source: Ground Up International

Bluey has taken kids’ hearts by storm on the screen, in the toy aisle, and now with sneakers!

Kids Foot Locker just dropped two new pairs of Bluey-themed sneakers in partnership with BBC Studios Kids & Family and Ground Up International. The first set of sneakers are high tops with white, dark purple, and lilac blocking that feature purple stars and Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit posing for a family photo. 

The Bluey Slip-Ons feature Bluey’s iconic coloring! | Source: Ground Up International

The Bluey Slip-On Sneakers are white with yellow stripes and blue accents to show off Bluey’s iconic coloring. The toes of the sneakers feature Bluey and Bingo playing their favorite game, Keepy Uppy, with a red balloon. These sneakers don’t have laces, erasing the hassle of tying and double-knotting so kids don’t trip. Both pairs of kicks come in toddler sizes from 5-10. 

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Ground Up International also has sneakers featuring other kids’ brands from TV shows, movies, and characters, including Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Pokémon, Minions, and more. 

For real life, these shoes will make any kid the envy of their friend group! Get them at Kids Foot Locker.

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