They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but this garden is looking pretty good to me! The Blume family is growing with a fun new addition: Blume Baby Pops, from Skyrocket.

This line of collectible dolls is full of unboxing surprises in all the best ways. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Blume Baby Pops come packaged in what looks like a long, thin planter with five sprouts sticking out of the plastic soil. While the original Blume dolls require a sprinkle of water to activate the reveal, Blume Baby Pops do not. When kids tug on each sprout, it will spurt out of the soil with a cartoon-like popping sound and kids can twist open the plants to reveal what’s inside: either a Blume baby or tiny accessories.

The Blume babies look like miniature versions of the regular Blume dolls, complete with outrageous hairdos piled on top of their little heads, such as a strawberry ice cream swirl and a cloud-and-rainbow updo. Each Blume baby is about 1.5 inches long and comes with a removable swaddle and a color-changing diaper. Each package guarantees three babies inside but sometimes there are even more. 

There are 25 surprises to uncover in each set, which may include cozy costumes (themed swaddles to dress the babies up like a giraffe, a bumblebee, a dinosaur, and more); snuggle buddies (mini animal companions); and baby accessories. There are 50 types of Blume Baby dolls, 12 different styles of the cozy costumes, and more than 60 different baby accessories in total, all adding to the collectibility factor.

A secret nursery is hidden underneath the flowerpot, turning it into a mini-playset that kids can decorate with the included stickers. The nurseries feature different themes, including zoo, woodland, sea, llama, and unicorn. Each set also includes a jumbo slide so kids can throw a pool party for their Blume Baby dolls. When kids dip the Blume Babies’ diapers in water, they will change colors to reveal their gender.

The surprises don’t stop with Blume Baby Pop!

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Jackie Cucco

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