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Karate kids: Get ready!

With Break the Board from YULU, kids chop, swipe, and strike through the 10 levels, which increase in difficulty as they go. Up to 10 total players can take a swing at winning the game — but only one can be the karate king.

In a way, it’s a bit like the classic Whack-a-Mole, but with fists instead of hammers (and no rodents necessary). The ultimate martial arts master will be the one who listens to the commands and masters the moves of the game. Different sections of the electronic toy (which has batteries included) light up, and kids have to use their hands to chop or swipe quickly. Parents: This means kids test their reflexes *and* their listening skills.

Whoever plays the game the fastest gets to deliver the final blow and break the board. One swift “hiya!” and kids will become karate masters who are even more powerful than SpongeBob and Sandy. After breaking the board, kids can play again! The plastic board goes back together with ease, leaving out the pain of splinters and hassle of finding more wood.

Source: YULU

Young grasshoppers can keep their skills fresh and learn the ways of the game with the Trainer Mode. Those who don’t want to get competitive can choose to get groovy while making up their own music by mixing sounds with the moves in Freestyle Mode.

It doesn’t matter if kids spend every day at the Dojo or haven’t yet mastered the white belt, Break the Board is great for all skill levels. Kids ages 6 and up can advance their chopping skills and practice the most iconic part of a karate tournament.

Parents who want to make the game extra special can pick up a karate costume (a white long sleeve tee works in a pinch) and a new belt for each time kids defeat the game. As a tip from my limited karate days, different colored electrical tape can also signify kids’ level and make it so you don’t have to buy as many belts.

Kids will be able to become karate masters when Break the Board comes out at Target in July.

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