There’s nothing more traditional than wooden toys. That’s why CAMP is going back to the basics with a new collection of solid wood toddler toys. Little ones can grab, stack, bonk, and plonk these wooden wonders. 

Inspired by one of the all-time classic toys, the CAMP Bear Stacker is a wooden rod with colorful rings and an adorable bear head that kids can stack and unstack. Available for $20, this toy can help toddlers develop their motor skills and coordination. Another toy that encourages little ones to develop these skills is the Whack-A-Mole Wooden Pounding Toy. Babies and toddlers can swing the wooden mallet with strength and purpose, just like Thor wields his mighty hammer Mjölnir. Parents will love to watch their kids use this pounding toy and mallet, available for $16.

The CAMP Alpha Wooden ABC Blocks set comes complete with vibrant characters and icons on the sides to create beautiful scenes. Parents will be surprised at how much joy, enrichment, and creative fulfillment little ones get from this letter block set, available for $30. The CAMP Fit Finder Wooden Shape Sorter is another classic favorite. This wood box with wood shapes helps babies develop coordination as they learn how things fit together.

CAMP has also released two double-sided, wooden stacking puzzles for $25 each. The animal-themed puzzle will delight little ones who love animals, while the space-themed puzzle provides an out-of-this-world experience. These puzzles help with motor skills, coordination, and shape-recognition.

Perfect for imaginative play, the CAMP Stacking Pull Toys come in three varieties — a boat, a firetruck, and a plane — for $20 each. Whether your little one is a fisherman, a firefighter, or a pilot, they can stack and unstack these toys, or pull them along on a string.

Check out these wonderful wooden toys at or at CAMP stores nationwide.

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Maggie Dougherty

Maggie Dougherty

Maggie Dougherty is an editorial intern at Adventure Media & Events. She is a senior at Iona University in New Rochelle, New York, where she studies digital media and production. In her free time, Maggie can be found watching Conan O’Brien videos on YouTube, reading biographies of Lyndon B. Johnson, or listening to the Succession soundtrack.