Grandparents and grandchildren can strengthen their bond with the sounds of uplifting music. Grammy-nominated Chandrika Tandon brings families together with Ammu’s Treasures, an album of soulful chants and soothing melodies. 

Chandrika Tandon brings soulful chants to families with her latest album. | Source: Chandrika Tandon
Ammu’s Treasures features 35 songs and 21 chants to strengthen familial bonds. | Source: Chandrika Tandon

Families can enjoy Ammu’s Treasures, which features 35 songs and 21 chants to strengthen close bonds. The music ranges from traditional folk tunes like “Hush Little Baby” to popular ‘50s and ‘60s hits like “Que Sera, Sera.” Families can experience a meditative journey with “To the Light,” a 26-minute song comprising 21 soothing and relaxing Vedic chants. 

This album honors Tandon’s childhood and grandchildren. The artist’s grandchildren call her Ammu, an Indian term of endearment that means happiness, sweetness, and purity. Families can relate to this album, which symbolizes unforgettable memories and familial bonds. 

Ammu’s Treasures is a product of Tandon and many talented artists like Kenny Werner, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Eugene Friesen, Howard Levy, and more. When families buy the album, all proceeds will go to the Krishnamurthy Tandon Foundation, which supports emotional and economic well-being. 

Ammu’s Treasures will be available on Sept. 7, just in time to share on Grandparents’ Day, Sept. 10. Families can preorder this soulful album on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, and

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