Jigsaw Duel Pet Pride | Source: Chronicle Books

Rawr! Things are getting feisty at Chronicle Books with the release of not one, but two new pet-related board games

Embark on a journey through the Al Giza desert in the Cleocatra puzzle game! The pharaoh’s cats have wandered into the great pyramids and players must strategically stack their tiles if they hope to save their feline friends. Designed for 2-4 players ages 10 and up, the objective of the game is simple: rescue as many royal cats as possible. Arriving at that goal, however, may not be so simple, as players must be quick on their paws if they hope to outplay their opponents. When players have mastered the game and are ready to raise the stakes, they can begin introducing advanced rules with unique cat powers, special Mummy cats, and more. 

Cleocatra (right), Jigsaw Duel Pet Pride (left) | Source: Chronicle Books/the Toy Insider

If your little one is more inclined to canines, then the two-player Jigsaw Duel Pet Pride game is furfect! In the spirit of the age-old cats vs. dogs debate, this game challenges players to get their claws out and claim victory, fast. Both the cats and dogs have an individual puzzle picture that players will try to complete. Each opponent will have 70 puzzle pieces with one double-sided piece that fits both puzzles. Players will pledge allegiance to whichever pet they choose and begin puzzling — and the first to have a finished puzzle wins. 

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Cleocatra ($18.95) and Jigsaw Duel Pet Pride ($12) will both be available to purchase on Amazon and chroniclebooks.com starting on Tuesday, April 26.

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