Chronicle Books is building up to the holidays with a new lineup of LEGO products that will inspire kids to think, and build, big.

The How We Create Inspiration Deck features advice right from the people behind LEGO! | Source: Chronicle Books

The highlight of the collection is the LEGO How We Create Inspiration Deck ($19.95). This deck features 78 cards with special advice from employees at The LEGO Group! This advice is applicable to all areas of life — not just LEGO building.

The collection features two puzzles: the LEGO Christmas Train puzzle ($16.95) features the elves rolling through a winter wonderland to deliver Christmas presents to everyone and the LEGO Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzles Animal Edition ($16.95), which preteens can build to reveal an animal-themed minifigure, including Fox Costume Girl, Chicken Suit Guy, Elephant Costume Girl, Bumblebee Girl, or two other mysteries!

Kids can also gear up for the new year with Chronicle’s LEGO calendars. The LEGO 2024 Wall Calendar ($14.95) features 12 months of LEGO photography that combine iconic minifigures and builds with the real world. Kids who need something to look forward to every day can peel back the Minifigure a Day 2024 Daily Calendar ($15.95), which spotlights a different minifigure each day, including what set the minifigure came with and what year it came out. 

Whether young LEGO fans are excited for the holidays or the new year, Chronicle Books is filling the coming months with tons of building inspiration!

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