If you’ve got a star in the making, it’s time for them to shine! Chuck E. Cheese and Zigazoo — a social media platform designed for kids — are launching a summer Star Showcase for all the young dancers, singers, and creatives.

Your kids can see themselves on the big screen! | Source: Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese will post several challenges on the Zigazoo Kids app throughout the summer, and the winners will appear on Chuck E. Cheese Fun Center screens, so arcade game players and partygoers can watch them do their thing. Five winners will be selected for each challenge, and there’s something for every rising star, including dance-offs, sing-alongs, remixes with DJ Munch, and more.

Kids simply log onto Zigazoo, scroll through various Chuck E. Cheese challenges, select one they feel comfortable doing, and post! Zigazoo is a platform for kids to connect in a safe, positive environment.

In addition to making their Chuck E. Cheese jumbo screen debut, the winners will receive a Summer Fun Pass. These passes will grant the winning kids two months of unlimited fun at Chuck E. Cheese locations, plus a special discount and exclusive passholder perks.

The Star Showcase ends on Sept. 22. For more information, visit chuckecheese.com!

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