CMY Cubes are translucent and teach kids about light and color! | Source: CMY Cubes

Bathing in sunshine, watching a sunsets, or spotting rainbows are all fascinating ways for kids to explore light. With CMY Cubes, kids can dive deeper into how light works to make new colors.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, CMY Cubes are translucent cubes with cyan, magenta, or yellow on each face. When kids put the cubes directly in light, the shadows will reflect the matching color, but as kids turn the cube around, the three colors will combine to make new colors. 

CMY Cubes show kids how colors combine to make new colors! | Source: CMY Cubes

As kids explore the different colors the cubes can make, they can learn about color theory, which can come in handy when painting, drawing, or doing crafts. Kids can also use the CMY Cubes to learn about STEM subjects as they explore different wavelengths of light. 

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On top of the classic CMY Cubes, kids can also get Plato Cubes, a pack of 35 mini cubes representing visible wavelengths of light; the CMY Pack, which features one original cube, one yellow cube, one magenta cube, and one cyan cube; and other 3D shapes.

These cubes will get kids ready to mix colors like nobody’s business!

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