Cocomelon Interactive JJ Doll | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

Here to sing songs and eat peas: the Cocomelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll!

New from Jazwares, the doll features three songs, giggles, interactive phrases, and happily eats his peas. It’s small enough for kids to carry everywhere they go, but also big enough to attend tea pea parties with other dolls.

In addition to singing the song “Yes, Yes Vegetables,” JJ also eats “disappearing” peas. Kids take the spoon, dip it in the bowl of peas, and the vegetable magically shows up in his spoon. When they bring the spoon up to his mouth, he “eats” them and they disappear. He also remarks that they’re tasty or says how much he loves veggies.

As someone who has a hard time eating peas as an adult (they’re just so squishy!), I love that JJ can make kids excited to eat their veggies. Cocomelon always leads by example, and this toy is no different. JJ makes eating peas seem enjoyable enough that kids (and maybe even this adult) might just give them another try.

JJ also sings inspiring songs to get kids moving, grooving, and tying their shoes. The two additional songs he plays are “This Is the Way” (an ode to tying shoes, putting on clothes, and more) and “My Name Song,” which helps kids learn how to introduce themselves and be a pal.

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Kids can get started playing with JJ before they even take the doll out of the box. There’s a dinner plate picture on the back of the package that kids can cut out and color in. This further instills that healthy food is good food for those who may be more inclined to ask for mac and cheese every night.

The Cocomelon Interactive JJ Doll is truly here to peas.

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