The CoComelon Tumbling Play Mat features bright colors and kids’ favorite characters. | Source: Sunny Days Ent./The Toy Insider

Put CoComelon and playtime together and what do you get? One happy kid!

The new CoComelon Tumbling Play Mat from Sunny Days Entertainment is designed with kids in mind. It’s 6 feet long and encourages little ones to get active with their favorite characters.

I often push my 1 year old to take control of her creativity by free playing independently. Basically this means that I let her reign terror in her playroom while I lay on the ground and scroll through Instagram (It’s good for her development, I swear!). So trust me when I say that this tumbling mat is soft and comfortable. Lay down after a long day with a Squishmallow under your head and you could almost take a nap there — not that I have

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While I scroll through Instagram, I often notice that influencer moms always have very contemporary, very expensive play mats. This CoComelon-themed mat is not that. It’s designed for the kids, not for the mom, and features the characters that toddlers and preschoolers love. It’s bright and engaging, and features the ABCs in a colorful way. It’s not a boho-themed, greyscale rainbow fiasco, but it is kid-approved. At $69.99, it’s also way more affordable than those other play mats that can sometimes cost upwards of $250. 

Parents will also like that although this mat is large, it folds up easily with velcro and handles. You can take it to Grandma’s house for gymnastics practice or even to the park since it’s made of a vinyl fabric and easy to wipe clean. It also features comfortable padding so when kids get rambunctious, they won’t have to go singing “The Boo Boo Song.”

The CoComelon Tumbling Play Mat is easy to take on the go. | Source: Sunny Days Ent.

When I move out of her way, my toddler uses the mat as a surface to practice her walking, and we also pull up the panels to play peek-a-boo. As she gets older, we’ll use it for more active adventures in tumbling and dancing. I feel confident that it will be a playroom staple for a long time, and will always be there to help her get her wiggles out. I also like that as she grows, the mat will encourage her to use her creativity to come up with new ways to play. We could crawl after the ABCs one day and turn it into a stage for singing CoComelon classics the next.

It’s time to say “Hello, new friend” to the CoComelon Tumbling Play Mat!

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