Purple Ladybug’s craft kits are an excellent DIY activity for kids looking to start a project with results they can use in the real world. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Craft Your Own Pompom Purse set is a perfect example.

This kit comes with a bunch of materials, so be sure to keep track of them and don’t lose one that’s essential to the purse. These include a ball of multicolored pompom yarn, a metal needle, sewing yarn, a plastic needle, a metal clasp, metal buckles, a bag template mesh, an artificial pearl strap, and a metal chain strap. Kids should also grab a pair of scissors (not included), or, if they’re too young, ask an adult to use them. 

The Craft Your Own Pompom Purse comes with a packet of detailed instructions along with pictures. However, for those who learn best by watching someone else do it, there is also a video on the Purple Ladybug website. As someone who has never crafted like this beforebefore, I found that the video made it relatively easy to follow along and learn, proving that kids do not need any prior crafting knowledge to begin. Rather than starting from scratch, there is a mesh grid to form the interior structure of the bag and to make the project easier by giving inexperienced crafters squares that they can count. 

All in all, there are more than 20 steps to making the pompom purse, so be sure to either set aside a couple of hours to complete it or leave it at a workspace that kids can come back to. Once all of those steps are completed, kids will have a fluffy, multicolored purse that can be styled handheld or crossbody.

The great thing about this kit is that it isn’t just a craft project. The DIY bag is a practical and fashionable accessory that kids will love wearing, using, and showing their friends. It is the perfect size for a tween who might want to store their phone and other small items inside. 

The Craft Your Own Pompom Purse set is an excellent activity for kids who want to try their hand at crafting and making a usable accessory on their own!


This kit includes everything kids need to make their own fluffy, ombre purse. The purse is big enough to hold multiple items and kids can style it cross-body or handheld.

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