Spring: There’s no better season for kids to lose themselves in all the beauties Mother Nature has to offer. PlayMonster’s Craft-Tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Journal gives just the opportunity to get kids ages 6 and up out of the house and into an exploratory journey of the outdoors. 

The journal is quite simple. For $19.99, it offers 32 fun-filled pages of scavenger hunts, creative writing prompts, and activities inspired by everything flora and fauna. From sketching the world around them to gathering tiny bits of nature that they can find in their own backyard, there’s enough material in the Nature Scavenger Hunt Journal to keep kids occupied and engaged throughout the entire season. 

The most fun part about the journal is the adventuring aspect. Each scavenger hunt page challenges kids to find different things in nature and sticker them onto their respective slot. For example, one slot says “Red.” The kid’s mission for the next hour will be to find the most eye-catching leaf, flower, or anything else that’s red and small enough to fit on the page. Scavenger hunt slot prompts can be anything from texture (“Fuzzy”) to quality (“Broken”).  

Plus, there are tons of stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers? The Craft-Tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Journal comes with a whopping 521 different stickers that feature everything from birds to leaves, and so much more. Each page of stickers gives kids visual suggestions on what part of the journal that set of stickers would go well with. Some of the stickers help attach kids’ nature finds to the pages, while others help keep track of the things kids see in the world around them.

Not only are these stickers great for decorating and interacting with the journal, but they’re also perfect for any other decorating occasion your little one’s heart desires: notebooks, book bags, electronics — you name it!

Spending time outside is crucial to kids’ development, but The Craft-Tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt Journal doesn’t just help kids enjoy the pleasure of nature — it also develops their observational skills by challenging them to look out for all details of life.

Getting your kids off the couch and away from screens takes engaging activities that unlock their exploratory side. The Craft-Tastic Nature Scavenger Hunt offers a bountiful amount of nature adventures and creative activities that are just what your kid might need to discover their next memorable outdoor experience. 


Experience the magic of nature with Scavenger Hunt Journal! Kids can go outside and collect natural ingredients, then add them to their journal using stickers. The journal has 32 pages full of nature-inspired fun to get kids out exploring nature. Kids can look around nature for the materials to fill their journals, and learn a…

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  • $19.99
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  • 6+

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