Crayola has been shining bright for decades — and its products have always been a go-to for parents to keep little ones busy and entertained on the go. 

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Crayola Travel Glow Art Studio will spark kids’ creativity in a super unique way as they venture away from home. This set features an art studio — a bright-orange, lightweight drawing board that is about the size of a letter sheet of paper. The drawing surface looks like a whiteboard, but there is actually a little more magic in it than that. When kids use the included light wand to draw, their creations show up as glow-in-the-dark light art.

Kids simply press the button on the light wand — a jumbo-size drawing pen that features a bright light instead of ink. When they drag the light tip along the glow board, they’ll magically see their light-up creations become works of art. Kids can create in different ways: holding the light wand so it’s touching the board will result in crisp, bright images; NS holding the wand further away will create thicker lines or blur effects. The darker it is, the brighter your masterpiece will glow.

Kids can use the light wand to draw glow-in-the-dark art! | Source: Crayola

Unlike your typical mess-free travel toys, this budget-friendly option provides a unique play experience that makes it perfect for situations that other sets out there can’t conquer. Since kids can create in the dark, it truly is a toy that fills a void that others can’t: Kids can use it to draw without any overhead light in the car, to soothe anxiety when sleeping away from home without turning on the lights in hotels or at a sleepover, or even to entertain themselves during a surprise rainstorm on a camping trip.

The suction cups on the back of the art studio allow it to stick to a window — so kids can attach it to the car window for some decor after they draw, or use the window to prop it up as an easel while they create. It’s also easy to use on a lap or a tabletop. The board also features a place to store the light wand and a handle on the back so kids can easily grip it as they carry it on the go. Parents will want to be prepped with 3 AAA batteries to power the light wand, and maybe be sure to pack a few extras if your little one is really loving it!

Wherever you may be heading this summer, make sure kids’ creativity shines bright with the Travel Glow Art Studio.


Kids will love making fun, imaginative creations that glow anywhere they go — sleepovers, late night car and airplane rides or lighting up any dark room. Kids can safely store the light wand in the top of the unit and grip onto the handle for easy storage and carrying while traveling. Kids can display artwork…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $14.99
  • Age:
  • 6+

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