Each Cry Babies Icy World Dinos comes with a doll and a dino! | Source: IMC Toys/The Toy Insider

Brr, it’s cold in here! There might be something in the atmosphere … something prehistorically icy! 

IMC Toys’ newest iteration in the Cry Babies line, Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Dinos, brings fan-favorite characters back in time to the Ice Age. Perfect for kids 4 and up, each mini capsule opens to a frigid, prehistoric world where the Cry Babies and dinos live harmoniously. 

Kids can open the pink and blue container to reveal a Cry Baby doll dressed in a dino-themed suit. There are eight different characters for little ones to collect — plus one rare one — and each doll comes paired with a special dino friend. Once kids discover their Cry Baby doll, they can open the included sections to find 10 different surprises, such as accessories, a water bottle, and more. 

By filling the included water bottle up with water, kids can “feed” their Cry Baby and watch as they cry real tears. If little ones position the dolls to cry over the capsule’s dino egg, the lock at the top opens and out pops a little dino friend — the dino’s color even matches the doll’s outfit! 

Once kids have unboxed all the surprises, they can turn the capsule-packaging into a playset for the doll and dino pair. Plus, they can fit everything back inside the capsule to take it anywhere for on-the-go play, whether that be the park, the car, or a playdate! 

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It can be hard for small hands to open the little compartments in the set. The capsule also includes many tiny pieces that little ones may want to put in their mouths. I’d recommend keeping a casual eye on kids as they get acquainted with their new Cry Baby doll. 

At only $14.99, the Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Dinos are the perfect gift — or stocking stuffer! — as we get closer to the holidays. With so many dinos and dolls to collect, it won’t be long before kids are operating their own land before time. Stay warm out there! 

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