Everybody has taste buds, and now they can have Taste Budditos, too!

Taste Budditos are the newest Babitos joining the Cutetitos family. Yes, that is quite the tongue twister, so we’re going to break it down for you — and give you a first look at the newest plush friends from Basic Fun!

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Cutetitos started off as collectible stuffed animals wrapped in burrito blankets and packaged in tin foil, just like real burritos. Then, Basic Fun! expanded the collection with even more food-themed, plush friends, including Cutetitos Babitos Series 1 — baby animals swaddled inside taco shells — and Cutetitos Babitos Series 2, which had an ice cream twist. Cutetitos Frutitos brought scented plush pals to the table, wrapped in fruit-themed blankets. Cutetitos Taste Budditos are the latest addition to the line, launching this July.

Taste Budditos will come in packs of two as miniature best friends inspired by classic food pairings, such as peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, milk and cookies, and chips and salsa. The wrap is heart-shaped like a BFF-charm and features fun food patterns. Kids can wrap the besties together or separate them to wrap individually. Friends can also share the pack as they would a friendship bracelet — one for them and one for their bestie.

Check out some of the pairings below and keep your eyes peeled for them at Target next month.

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